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Odette Lysse Joassaint Wiki – Odette Lysse Joassaint Biography

Odette Lysse Joassaint is the mother of two children who are accused of her children’s death. Miami’s Little Haitian neighborhood dette Lysse Joassaint mourns the loss of a 3-year-old boy and a 5-year-old girl after they were found dead in their home.
The children’s mother, Odette Lysse Joassaint, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder twice, according to local news outlet WPBF 25 News.

Age of Odette Lysse Joassaint

Odette Lysse Joassaint is 41-years-old.

Arrested After Deaths of 2-Children

According to police, Jeffrey and Laura Belval died at the scene.

“One is Jeffrey and one is Laura,” Frantzy Belval, the father of the children separated from Joassaint, told CBS Miami.

PEOPLE A request for comment from the Miami Police Department was not immediately turned down.

Joassaint, 41, reportedly called 911 multiple times before authorities arrived at his apartment.

“They called but he wasn’t saying much,” Miami-Dade PR Officer Michael Vega told CBS Miami. ‘They’re inside. Go get them. I don’t want them.’ ”

When Miami police entered the apartment, “they found a woman who looked angry or was having a seizure,” Officer Vega told Local 10.

Police later allegedly found Jeffrey and Laura on a bed with their arms, legs, and necks tied. They were pronounced dead at the scene, according to the Associated Press.

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Hours after the murders on Tuesday night, Joassaint was reportedly struggling financially, telling detectives that “his children are suffering and they will suffer less if they die,” according to a police report released by the Miami Herald.

“You’re a mom, how do you feel? ” Family friend Darlene Pion told CBS Miami there’s a demon in your head,” family friend Darlene Pion told CBS Miami.

“We got a few calls there last year, one of them was domestic violence, the other was just trespassing and some nuisance calls,” Officer Vega told WPBF25 News. “It’s tragic to see that the person who should be taking care of these children is the one who took their lives.”


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