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Olivia Ortz, a former teacher at Wilmington Area High School, is charged with corporate sexual assault, illegal contact with a small communications facility, and all crimes.

A choir teacher in Pennsylvania was arrested Monday on charges of having sex with a student.

Age of Olivia Ortz

Olivia Ortz’s age is unknown.

Charged & Arrested

Olivia Ortz, a former teacher at Wilmington Area High School, is charged with corporate sexual assault, illegal contact with a small communications facility, and all crimes.

The new Wilmington Police Department became involved in the Ortz case after he was called on April 18 by the principal of the student’s school, Wilmington Area High School.

Police learned that Ortz’s husband, a contract worker in the school district, arrived at the school after returning home from a school trip to Florida and allegedly found “evidence that his wife, Olivia, had an inappropriate relationship” with a 17-year-old boy. The former student cites a press release.

Chief Carmen Piccirillo told PEOPLE that Ortz’s husband claims to have found on the iPad a letter sent by the student to Ortz.

“Both of them worked with this student on stage productions in our school district,” Piccirillo says. “He was frankly horrified. He knew the girl was a minor and was a [mandatory] reporter. So she did the right thing. One Saturday the next day, she contacted the principal.”

The teenager initially denied contact, but police later said he admitted to having sexual intercourse with the teacher.

“The student stated that at first she saw Olivia Ortz as a ‘safe adult’ whom she trusted and trusted about her personal issues and relationship problems, but later developed into a romantic relationship.

The student allegedly told police on April 7 that Ortz was invited to her home in Sharon while her husband was out of town. According to the statement, she told police she stayed one night and “engaged in sexual activity”.

The student claimed that she returned to “comfort” Ortz after her husband learned of the alleged sexual contact.

On May 5, police issued a search warrant at Ortz’s home, on his cell phone and iPad.

“At that time, Olivia became aware of the active police investigation and possible charges that could be brought against her,” the statement said. “The two continued to communicate with each other using the Spotify music app instead of disconnecting from the teenager.”

“They were communicating by going to a specific playlist under each of their public profiles and leaving messages for each other,” Piccirillo said. “They thought no one would ever discover it. They came up with a code word in case something happens or if they are discovered.”

Piccirillo says the code word they use is “fried rice.”

According to the document, more than 100 messages were sent to Spotify between May 10 and May 11.

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Piccirillo compared Ortz’s alleged actions to the fraud cases he was working on: “I always tell people when I talk about fraud, the first thing a fraudster steals, the first thing a thief steals is your trust,” he says. “Once they steal your trust, they can steal your wallet right in front of you. And to me it’s just a stealing of trust. Once you steal your trust, everything else can be taken.”

Ortz surrendered to police on Monday. A preliminary hearing will be held on May 25.

Ortz’s attorney could not be reached for comment.

Released on Bail

She has since been released on $ 150,000 bail.


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