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Patrick Lyoya was a Congolese refugee from Grand Rapids, Michigan, whose murder was shot by a police officer during a struggle, which caused controversy.

Eric Winstrom, Chief of Police of Grand Rapids, Michigan, said on April 8, 2022, “Since this tragic event occurred on Monday morning and in the hours and days that followed, I have made it clear that I intend to release the video next week, and I intend to keep that promise.” “Furthermore, I am committed to upholding the integrity of the investigation in the name of justice and accountability.

He followed up on this statement by releasing body camera and other videos on April 13, 2022, which you can see below. They show a struggle between the officer, a seven-year veteran of the force, and Lyoya, after a traffic stop, which results in the officer shooting Lyoya once at close range. The police have not yet released the name of the officer.

Winstrom said at a press conference that he did not name the officer because the police department did not disclose the names of the suspects. He said the officer’s name would be released if found guilty. Winstrom said he could not yet say whether the officer was acting in accordance with police policies, as he and the agency were not conducting the investigation. The test is whether, in a reasonable police officer’s opinion, lethal force is required to prevent death or major bodily harm.

Age of Patrick Lyoya

Patrick Lyoya’s age is unknown.


The video above shows scenes from a police body camera video, a dash cam video, and a citizen cell phone video.

First, a traffic stop appears. Get in the car” when he gets out of his car.

“Dude I’m stopping you. Do you have a driver’s license?” the officer asks.

The officer told Lyoya, “The license plate does not belong to this car. Do you have a license or not?”

He said the driver’s license was in the car. He walks away.

“No, no,” says the officer.

The officer tries to arrest Lyoya, but Lyoya squirms and runs away. After a short chase, the officer keeps Lyoya on the ground. More wrestling begins.

“Stop, stop,” says the officer. Lyoya continues to resist.

They fall to the ground again.“Let go of the Taser,” he says again. You see the stunner and Lyoya’s hand on it. “Leave the Taser,” the officer says once again. A taser is known as an intermediate weapon and is not classified as a deadly weapon “on its own,” the chief said. An intermediate weapon has the potential to cause death and major bodily harm, but is not essential.

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Lyoya continues to struggle. At this point, the body camera is disabled. The police chief said an officer had to hold a button steady for three seconds to turn off the body camera video. He was shot on camera many times during the fight. According to the chief, it was pressed for three seconds the first moment when disabled. “That’s what disabled him,” said the chief. The chief believes the camera was turned off because of the pressure on his body, not because the officer intentionally disabled it, but said the investigation will examine that angle.

At the 4:16 mark in the video above, the officer fatally shoots Lyoya in what appears to be the back of the head.

He then activates the gun attack by saying, “I was involved in a shooting” and “I have a shot”.


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