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Patricke Conley, Two Tennessee parents were killed on Christmas Day and the alleged drunk driver may now be required to pay child support for their now-orphaned children. Patricke Conley, 42, was arrested when he crashed into a mailbox, lost control of his car, and veered into the lane of Dustin and Brittany Dillard, both 33, and their three young children.

According to Conley’s arrest report, his vehicle became airborne before colliding with Dillards’ Jeep Wagoneer SUV. When the police arrived, they discovered that the van had overturned with Dustin and Brittany already dead and their children severely injured. Two counts of vehicular manslaughter and three counts of vehicular assault were filed against Conley. The arrest document states that Conley’s car smelled of alcohol and that several “Bud Light beer cans” were found at the location, the Daily Mail reported. The Tennessee Senate unanimously passed a bill in April 2022 that requires Tennessee drunk drivers to pay amounts equal to child support if they cause the death of a parent, which will apply in Conley’s case.


Patricke Conley is 42 years old.

Drunk Driver Charged & Arrested

The amount of the payments to be determined by the court would be paid until the child turned 18 years old. Police also charged Conley with driving while intoxicated and having open containers. In addition to being charged with violating this probation, he was previously sentenced to eight years in prison for drug offenses. On December 29, 2022, Conley arrived at court in a wheelchair and with a significant facial injury.

His defense attorney argued that he was not guilty. Two men viewed the accident from his home and immediately went to the Dillards’ overturned vehicle. “I heard an explosion outside,” a witness named Charles told The National Desk. “My son, he came down to me and said, ‘There [were] two vehicles that flipped over on top,’ and I went ahead and grabbed my jacket and ran off,” he added.

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Before listening to the children in the Dillards’ vehicle, Charles first rushed to comfort Conley that who was distraught. “I had my gun in my pocket, so I took the butt and broke the window,” he said. Until the police showed up, Charles was unable to get the three children out of the car. According to Bradley County Schools, the three boys, later identified as Preston, Pierce, and Pryor, were admitted to a hospital and are expected to make a full recovery. In Cleveland, Tennessee, Brittany was a teacher at Walker Valley High School when she tragically died.

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