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Quiana Mann, The 10-year-old Milwaukee boy who allegedly shot his mother with a virtual reality headset had “two little girls” inside his head telling him to do things, his grieving grandmother said, as she pleaded for mercy for her sick grandson.

“He has always said that he hears voices,” Lueritha Mann told The Daily Beast on Thursday.

“There are two girls inside his head telling him to do things. And he has an imaginary friend who will tell him to do really bad things.”

The boy also had difficulty sleeping and complained that the voices were especially loud in the early morning, Mann added. He also had problems at school.

“He said his thoughts and everything starts to build at 5 or 6 in the morning,” Mann told the outlet. “Sometimes at four.

He “Tried to do the right thing, but he couldn’t do it right. And he was bullied a lot, really bad.”

The boy, whose name is being withheld because of his age, allegedly shot his mother, Quiana Mann, in the face on November 21 after she failed to buy him an Oculus virtual reality headset.

He then allegedly logged into his Amazon account to purchase the device.


Quiana Mann’s age is unknown.

Mom Shot By Son & Suspect Charged

He was charged as an adult last week with first-degree manslaughter and is being held in the county juvenile detention center on a $50,000 bond. The distraught grandmother said that her grandson would call the girls in her head “sisters.”

She described an incident six months ago when her grandson filled a balloon with a flammable liquid and set it on fire, starting a fire in the living room.

She then blamed the “sisters” on her head, but later described one of the girls as an old woman and the other as a nasty man.

Grandma also remembered how she used to swing her cub by her tail. Mann attributed some of her grandson’s problems to a concussion he suffered two years ago when he fell off a swing.

“So that was just combined with the mental illness and it just skyrocketed and made it worse,” he recalled.

“He was mean. Sometimes he would have these episodes where he was kind of mean to [his mother],” he continued.

“He didn’t realize a lot of things. He talks intelligently, but he doesn’t understand many things. And he cried a lot. The boy now continues to tell his family that he is still on Santa’s list this Christmas, Mann told the Daily Beast.

“He said that Santa will bring him some things for Christmas,” he said.

“He said yesterday, ‘Can we go over to the house and decorate it for Christmas? Put up the Christmas tree and decorate the outside of the house?’” he added.

Mann also revealed that his daughter was taking the boy to a therapist, who confirmed the severity of his illness. He also received daily reports from the school about his behavior in class.

“We tried to help her with it,” Mann added.

“All of us, everyone who knows her, even the people from her church. We all tried to help her with him because we knew she had a mental illness.”

He said her daughter loved being a mother, she sang in a gospel choir and was three credits away from a master’s degree.

“She loved being a mom,” Mann said of his daughter.

“Her birthday parties of hers were fabulous. The table is set so beautifully. The balloons, The gifts. The cake.”

Quiana Mann and her son even took a trip to Disneyland last Christmas and spent part of June in New York.

In early November, they flew to Puerto Rico and returned shortly before the shooting.

But despite her mother’s efforts to give him a happy life, the grandmother said that her grandson was never truly satisfied unless he “got something.”

She said that she sometimes stole her mother’s credit card to make purchases online.

Police now say it was her mother’s refusal to buy her son an Occulus headset that led to the tragic shooting.


Investigators say the boy opened the gun box in his mother’s bedroom and went to the basement, where she was doing laundry.

Although he initially claimed that he was “spinning the gun” and accidentally discharged himself, he later admitted to his maternal aunt, Sharhonda Reid, that he assumed a “‘shooting stance'” and pointed the gun at his mother. she.

Quiana Mann’s last words were reported: “Why do you have that? Put that down.”

He was fatally shot in the face by her approximately three feet from her, according to detectives.

Immediately after the murder, computer records show the boy accessed his mother’s Amazon account and bought the headphones.

Before the boy allegedly confessed to her aunt, and the shooting was still being treated as an accident, Reid took her nephew to see her grandmother.

“Upon arrival, when [the boy] saw her grandmother crying, he said without empathy or compassion: ‘I am very sorry for what happened. I’m sorry I killed my mom,’” the criminal complaint reads.

“After apologizing for killing his mother, he asked if his Amazon package arrived.”

The boy later altered his story and the family called the police.

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Despite her grief, Mann is certain that her daughter would not want her son to be prosecuted as an adult.

“They decided, ‘We’re just going to throw the book at him,'” she said of the district attorney. “[Quiana] would want us to do everything we can to help him.”

Quiana Mann’s funeral is scheduled for Friday. Instead of black, mourners are asked to wear pink, which was his favorite color.

The boy is due back in court on December 7.

In the meantime, Lueritha said, the family will prepare for Christmas, just as he requested.

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