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Rebecca Ikumelo Wiki – Rebecca Ikumelo Bio

Rebecca Ikumelo died on Saturday of injuries she sustained in the rush of a crowd at an Afrobeat concert in London two days earlier, authorities said.

Rebecca Ikumelo succumbed to her injuries after she was caught in a massive wave at Asake’s Thursday show at the O2 Academy music hall in Brixton, Met Police announced.

Two others were seriously injured after a horde of people without tickets forced their way into the London compound, according to police.

In a video taken at the start of the surge, crowds of people can be seen pushing others out of the closed doors of the music hall. The crowd pushes back and a portion of the crowd can be seen swaying and yelling “Stay away!”

The group successfully opens the doors and the massive crowd rushes in, video taken from the street performances. Some people can be heard screaming.

The concert was stopped midway after the group stormed the building.


Rebecca Ikumelo died at the age of 33 years old.

Dead After Crowd Surge at Asake Concert in London

Eight people were taken to the hospital, four of whom were in critical condition. Since then, one individual has moved to a more stable condition, while two others, ages 22 and 23, remain in critical condition.

Ikumelo died on Saturday morning. The autopsy is scheduled for Sunday.

“She was a loving mother of two who loved working with children,” her family said in a statement. She “was highly respected in the family for her care, kindness, and love for her.”

Ikumelo was a nurse, according to her family. Her parents named her Tosin, a nickname for Oluwatosin, which translates to “The Lord is worthy” in Yoruba.

Asake, who was performing when the crowd swelled, said that she spoke to Ikumelo’s family and shared her condolences.

“I am devastated by the news that Rebecca Ikumelo, who was in critical condition since Thursday, has sadly passed away,” she said on Twitter. “I am overwhelmed with grief and could never have imagined something like this would happen.”

Police have set up an online page for attendees to submit evidence of the night, such as photos and videos of the surge.

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The submissions have already led to the arrest of a woman who was seen assaulting an officer, police said.

“There were around 4,000 potential witnesses present at the time of this incident and we want to urge any member of the public with information to come forward. We need your information as we try to establish what happened as quickly as possible,” the Met said.

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