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Robert Keith Tincher III Wiki – Robert Keith Tincher III Biography

Robert Keith Tincher III of Rome, Georgia, put his grandmother in plastic bags and dragged him into a large freezer after he was injured in a fall at home in December 2021, police said.

A Georgia man was arrested after he confessed that he had stuffed his injured grandmother in the freezer and left him to die there, according to authorities.

Age of Robert Keith Tincher III

Robert Keith Tincher III is 29-years-old.

Put His Injured Grandma into Freezer

Robert Keith Tincher III, 29, of Rome, Ga., has been charged with concealing the death of another person in connection with murder, aggravated assault and the death of 82-year-old Doris Cumming, the Floyd County Police Department said on Friday. newsletter.

Tincher is accused of putting her grandmother in plastic bags and dragging her into a large freezer after she was injured in a fall at home in December 2021.

Charged & Arrested

Tincher was arrested at a home on Hennon Drive and later placed in Floyd County Jail. In addition to the charges stemming from her grandmother’s death in December 2021, Tincher was also charged with a felony for failing to appear in court in 2018.

The victim’s body was taken to the Georgia Investigation Crime Lab in Atlanta, Floyd County Coroner Gene Proctor said in a news release.


Investigators believe Cumming showed signs of being alive before he was left for dead. Floyd County superintendent Brittany Werner said in an incident report that Tincher “described her movement and breathing while the freezer was locked” in Friday’s release.

Tincher told police that Cumming broke his back as he pushed him into the freezer, describing his movements in the locked freezer in “graphic detail” to investigators, according to a press release Friday.

The freezer remained at home until March 2022, when it was “transferred to another location within Floyd County,” according to the FCPD. Investigators believe Tincher intended to conceal Cumming’s death.

Floyd County Police pulled the body from the freezer at a different location Thursday night “after following the concern expressed by a family member” who believed Cumming had moved out of state but had not communicated with his family since the alleged move. ”

Werner told WAGA-TV that investigators learned of the crime after contacting Tincher, who said he did not call investigators emergency responders because of an arrest warrant on social media that contained terrorist threats against his wife.

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According to the incident report, Tincher tried to hire a hitman to kill his wife via Facebook Messenger in July 2018. He was indicted in September 2018, but did not appear in court, leading to a severe court order for his arrest.

Werner said Tincher also expressed his love for his grandmother when speaking to investigators. “He said she was the only family member who showed him the kindness, love, and attention he needed,” she told WAGA-TV.


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