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Senaida Marie Soto and Tommy Garay had only been dating for a month when she decided to break into their house and set it on fire out of jealousy.

A Texas woman was recently arrested for burning down her ex-boyfriend’s house in a fit of jealousy after another woman answered her call when she timed it. Soto reportedly broke into Tommy Garay’s home on Sunday, November 20, and set it on fire after she stole various items from home.


Senaida Marie Soto is 23 years old.

Torches ex-BF’s Home After Another Woman Answers his phone & Arrested

Soto was arrested Monday, Nov. 21, on burglary and arson charges, the sheriff’s office wrote on Facebook. According to the release, authorities from the Lytle Fire Department and the Bexar County Fire Marshal’s Office responded to an arson call at a home in San Antonio around 1:45 p.m. m. on Sunday, according to Insider.

“Soto was upset because another woman answered her boyfriend’s phone, she went to her boyfriend’s house and that’s when she set fire to the couch in the living room,” the press release says. The sheriff’s office revealed that they obtained a video in which Soto was captured setting fire to the sofa before the fire spread through the house. The fire has caused more than $50,000 worth of damage.

He also sent the boyfriend a text message, “I hope your house is okay,” as it burned, authorities said. The woman who answered the call, however, turned out to be a relative of Garay.

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Fortunately, Garay and his two-year-old daughter were not at home when Soto went on the warpath. Garay revealed that she only dated Soto for a month. He has created a fundraising page to get back on his feet. “I called the fire department but sadly when they arrived everything I owned including my daughter’s toys, clothes, shoes, etc was damaged/lost in the fire. This is such a devastating time for us Since this house was the house my dad and I grew up with, this house has been part of my family for generations,” Garay said on GoFundMe.

“I never would have imagined being a victim of such crimes as we have only been in a relationship for a month, this is very traumatic, especially for my daughter, asking why we can’t go home,” the page continued.

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