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Sherri Papini is the California mother who is accused of lying to a federal officer and committing mail fraud for staging her own kidnapping in 2016. Now that Sherri Papini has admitted to lying about her abduction in 2016, Bill Garcia wants to see her salary.

Age of Sherri Papini

Sherri Papini is 39-years-old.

Family & Siblings

Trudy Nickens, founder and director of the Nor-Cal Alliance For The Losing, who organized a four-day search for Sherri in 2016, agrees.

“I’m not surprised and glad he pleaded guilty. At least he’s cleared,” she says.

But Garcia wants more than knowledge. Papini’s family was the beneficiary of the $49,000 accrued to a GoFundMe account created for him. After Papini resurfaced—revealed on Thanksgiving 2016, wandering in a parking lot 22 days after he allegedly disappeared—Sherri petitioned the state for more than $30,000 in a California victims’ abuse fund.

Pleads Guilty & Charged

Garcia is a private detective who donated his time to help find Papini five years ago, one of the small army of worried neighbors who sought Papini and donated thousands of dollars to save him.

But over time, Garcia began to become suspicious of Papini’s story about being abducted at gunpoint by “two Hispanic women” and tortured by them. Garcia was not surprised when, on March 3, 2022, police charged Papini with making false statements to the authorities and committing mail fraud. He was relieved now that he had officially admitted that he had made the whole story up.


“It was helpful. They took the GoFundMe money and paid off their credit cards, that’s a lot of money and law enforcement needs to be paid back for their efforts,” says Garcia. “This money needs to be returned. Will he be held responsible for all the money spent by law enforcement?”

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But not everyone involved is this angry. Missy McArthur, the former mayor of Redding, California—the town that so much seeks out a woman who has apparently hatched a plan—is more forgiving.

“I think most people have some kindness in their heart and will forgive him,” McArthur tells PEOPLE. “I hope they do and they move on. I mean, he has his own demons to face. He really doesn’t need other people to pile on.”


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