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Sidney Wolf Wiki – Sidney Wolf Biography

Sidney Wolf Dishonored Governor Andrew Cuomo was killed in the middle of a Delaware street by a passing car after an angry driver kicked him out of Lyft. Wolf was an outstanding public servant who worked tirelessly for the good of all New York citizens.”

Age of Sidney Wolf

Sidney Wolf died at the age of 43 years old.


Wolf served as the Cuomo administration’s senior policy adviser from 2019 to 2021.

He also recently worked as a re-election campaign manager for Montgomery County Councilman Sidney Katz, who spoke with him on the Friday night before he died.

Family & Siblings

According to Fox 5, Wolf was the father of two daughters who coached youth hockey.

After Wolf’s tragic death, the family’s neighbors created a GoFundMe page to commemorate the “ever-smiling” man.

He said: ‘Sid always had a smile on his face and he was a wonderful husband, father, friend, and neighbor to many of us. We hope to raise enough funds so that Lindsey doesn’t have to worry about her household expenses right now.

“The family wishes to express their sincerest gratitude for the tremendous support from friends and loved ones during this time.”

He lived in Clarksburg, Maryland with his wife of 43 years and his two young daughters, Emerson and Harper. He was also the coach of a local junior hockey team.

Wolf’s sister, Brooke Freed, wrote in a social media post that she was “lost” without her brother, who was “a source of comfort and wisdom.”

Hit & Killed

Sid Wolf, 43, was killed early Sunday morning in Dewey Beach, Delaware, after arguing with a carpool driver with a group of five friends.

The driver of the Toyota Corolla behind the Lyft, likely a Honda Pilot, changed lanes to avoid the stopped SUV and collided with Wolf, who had just exited the rear passenger side and was stopped on the road.

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The other five passengers escaped unharmed. The Toyota driver remained on the scene, but the Lyft driver escaped and is still at large.

The Lyft driver had picked up six of his friends from Dewey Beach and was taking them to Bethany Beach when he “ends his ride” after a vague argument. Police said the crash happened south of Anchor Way.


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