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Steven Bouquet tortured a local community with his brutal acts of violence, and his victims were all innocent cats.

Dubbed the ‘Brighton cat killer’, the security guard murdered nine cats and severely injured seven others.

The gruesome offensive campaign in East Sussex city lasted several months between October 2018 and June 2019 – Bouquet was able to act unseen and unheard.

Age of Steven Bouquet

Steven Bouquet’s age is unknown.

Prison Death after Slaughtering Nine Pets

Nine cats—Hendrix, Tommy, Hannah, Alan, Nancy, Gizmo, Kyo, Ollie, and Cosmo—have been killed, and their distraught owners have gotten no answers while the police are baffled.

But the residents of Brighton refused to let the murderer get away with the vile attacks and began investigating what had happened.

One of those who took matters into her own hands was Wendy, who spoke on tonight’s ITV documentary How To Catch a Cat Killer.

I thought we needed to capture it before we could move on to the next level.”

As the violence of the attacks escalated, a breakthrough came in the search for the Brighton cat killer when it was revealed that a CCTV system installed by the owner of a murdered cat had caught a new attack on camera.

Bouquet, a former Royal Navy sniper who served 22 years in places like Northern Ireland and Iraq, was seen stabbing a local cat.

Footage has been obtained showing Buket stroking a cat and grabbing something from her backpack before giving her a “sudden jolt” with her arm.

“He made one mistake, but that was all it took to expose him,” said Prosecutor Rowan Jenkins at Chichester Crown Court in June last year.

After Bouquet’s arrest on June 2, 2019, police searched his home and found a knife in his kitchen area.

In scientific research, the court said it had heard that its DNA was found on the handle and that of the domestic cat on the blade.

After Steven Bouquet was arrested and called in for questioning, the police found disturbing evidence on his laptop.

Steven was caught on CCTV

Sussex Police Detective Superintendent Chris Thompson said: “We found links to some real stuff, ‘dog kills cats’ and ‘cat kills’ videos.

“He watched these videos at one or two in the morning and another cat was killed during that time. It’s like he’s bracing himself to go and do something else.”

The chilling footage of police surveillance showed Bouquet’s calculating and cold demeanor as he vehemently denied any wrongdoing.

During the police interrogation read out in court, Bouquet told officers that all he knew about the cat killings was what he had read in the newspapers and online.

He told police there was “no threat to animals” – but at his hearing at Chichester Crown Court in June last year, a photo of a dead cat was found on his phone.

Jenkins told the jurors: “The person responsible was of course not only inflicting pain on the animals themselves, but by targeting pets, you can imagine that the actions caused understandable trauma to their owners, and many of them were greatly impacted, both emotionally and secondarily financially.”

He said the wounds were “penetrating and clean” and were caused by a sharp object such as a knife.

The owners burst into tears as they read heartbreaking testimonies about the impact their beloved moggies had on their death.

I couldn’t sleep after what happened. I spent months in therapy working through what was going on.

He was a very friendly and affectionate cat who liked to sit in the front of the house and be petted by people passing by.”

Katerine Mattock, the owner of the murdered Alan, said: “It was a murder of an innocent and much-loved cat named Alan. Alan was my family. He made my house a home. He was running around the kitchen for one minute, then he was dead, covered in blood.

“He had an innocent and playful nature. It was horrible to think of a stranger being paralyzed and then stabbed. It meant that I had to take medicine to sleep right after his death. The law is not in line with that. purpose.”

Lucy Kenward, who spent £5,000 on veterinary treatment to save her cat Cosmo, burst into tears when she remembered the horrific murder.

“I thought you might get hurt, get hit by a car, fight with other cats, but I never expected to be stabbed by a human,” she said.

Andrea Williams, whose pet Wheatley was injured and later died, said, “Our cat was famous in Brighton, a cat celebrity.  He showed us so much, love. I still wake up thinking about him and crying in the little hours.

“We had a killer walking the streets with a knife to kill.”

Judge Jeremy Gold QC, who convicted Bouquet, said his behavior was “brutal, sustained and hit the heart of his family life”.

He told Judge Bouquet that the crimes were “horrible” and that the impact on the owners and their families was “significant and serious”.

“Cats are pets but they are more than that. They are family members and are loved by family members. They offer joy and support.”

The judge sentenced him to five years and three months imprisonment for cat murders, three months for possession of a knife for simultaneous use, and three months for failing to respond with consecutive bail.

CPS Senior Crown Prosecutor Jayne Cioffi said after sentencing: “None of us can understand what prompted Bouquet to do this to his family pets.

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“His claims that his presence at various times when the animals were attacked was a mere coincidence was rightly dismissed by the jury after being disproved by investigative and prosecution efforts.”

Bouquet was serving a prison sentence when he died behind bars.

Earlier this year, the Prison Service confirmed that he died in hospital on January 6.

Cause of Death

The cause of death was not disclosed, but at the conviction hearing, the court was told that Bouquet had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer that had spread to his liver and lungs.

A Prison Service spokesperson said: “Steve Bouquet died at Maritime Medway Hospital on January 6, 2022.


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