Tayanna Manuel Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Missing, Body Found in Dumpster After BF was Shot Dead

Tayanna Manuel Wiki – Tayanna Manuel Bio

Tayanna Manuel was missing and found in a garbage dump just three days after her boyfriend was tragically shot to death. Since Tayanna Manuel and her boyfriend died in such a short time, her family searches for answers.

According to The Sun, they suspected the two deaths were related. Manuel’s mother and her two sisters expressed their dissatisfaction with the preliminary results of the investigation. They described the teenager as a sweet and generous girl. “She was one of those people when you saw her, you fell in love with her,” Manuel’s mother, Pamela, told KDVR.


Tayanna Manuel died at the age of 16 years old.

Body Found in Dumpster After BF was Shot Dead

Manuel’s sister, Nyrobi, further said: “She is so generous, her smile, her laugh, and her sense of humor make anyone’s day.” Tess, his other sister, remembered Manuel as “comforting” and “so sweet.” “If he had something in his life, he wouldn’t bring it to anyone else,” she reportedly said.

Pamela described the terrifying moment when she discovered that Manuel’s body had been found in the garbage in the Green Valley Ranch neighborhood on Monday, December 26. Her family reportedly said they organized their own search team for her and spent the entire holiday season looking for her before she did. the sad news. “Your presents from her will be the only thing under the Christmas tree this year,” Tess said.

Manuel’s boyfriend was shot to death on Friday, December 23 in a place very close to where his body was found. Her family believed he disappeared because he was not found with her boyfriend, according to Nyrobi. The family began searching for her after a missing person report was made on Saturday, December 24, eventually finding a car that investigators believe may have been involved in her death. “We know about the vehicle because we found it before the police did. We were in on all of this before the police did, and then the suspect pulled over while we were waiting for the police to come and took the car,” Nyrobi said. . The police are looking for the car.

Pamela said police have not said whether Manuel’s death was related to the shooting of her boyfriend. “I’ll just say that the cops didn’t think these two stories were connected to each other,” she said. For help with the investigation, the family turned to the Dock Ellis Foundation. To help the family find answers, the group, named after the renowned baseball player, put up posters of the 16-year-old. “We’re trying to get the message across that in our communities and minority communities, for whatever reason we’re still doing our own research on, is trying to figure out why when these types of situations happen in minority communities, it’s like if set aside,” said the foundation’s chief operating officer, Hjordis Ellis.

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The foundation shared her family’s fundraising page on Facebook and wrote in the caption: “Any loss is devastating, but it will be deeply felt by many. Words cannot sufficiently describe the pain and anguish her family feels as she Considers life without Tayanna Manuel.” Nyrobi said on the fundraising page: “We want our sweet baby to rest.”

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