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Thomas Valva, The “emaciated” 8-year-old son of former NYPD cop Michael Valva was so neglected at home he had to eat crumbs off the school floor, a Long Island teacher sobbed as she testified in the officer’s murder trial. disgraced on Monday.

Thomas Valva, who was autistic, had told staff at East Moriches Elementary School that he was hungry so many times that second-grade teacher Michelle Cagliano began keeping a diary every time she ordered the food, she told the jury through tears, Newsday reported.

“He was so skinny,” Cagliano testified. “He could feel the bones of his body.”

She said that she would send Thomas to the school cafeteria for breakfast or for granola bars and other snacks to satisfy his hunger.


Thomas Valva is 43 years old.

Ex-NYPD Cop Allegedly Murdered his Autistic Son

When the boy soiled his pants in September 2018 after Cagliano gave him a pear and crackers for a snack, Valva’s furious then-fiancée Angela Pollina blamed her for the accident.

“She was not happy with me,” Cagliano testified.

She said Valva then reprimanded her for not giving Thomas snacks, claiming the boy was a liar who manipulated teachers into giving him food, the outlet reported.

The young man gained weight and his behavior improved in November 2018, but by January 2019 he was again “very, very skinny, very emaciated, very hungry,” Cagliano testified.

Valva, 43, is now on trial on murder charges for allegedly letting Thomas freeze to death by locking the boy in an unheated garage in the family home she shared with Pollina. Thomas’s brother Anthony, then 10, survived the cruel punishment.

Valva and Pollina, 45, are being tried separately for the boy’s tragic death in January 2020 from hypothermia.

Last week, the school’s principal testified that educators were so worried about the children’s safety and so tired of their father brushing off their questions, that they flooded a Child Protective Services hotline in a desperate attempt. for getting help.

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“We felt as a team that we weren’t getting the results we wanted to see,” director Edward Schneyer testified. “We decided as a team that we were going to flood the CPS hotline with calls.”

On January 17, 2020, police were called to Valva’s home and found Thomas unconscious.

Valva claimed the boy had fallen but showed no emotion as paramedics worked in vain to try to save the life of his infant son, EMTs testified at trial.

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