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Trevor Steven Summers held his ex-wife Alisa Mathewson, formerly Alisa Summers, captive for two days and brutally tortured and raped her.

Trevor Steven Summers, a husband from Hillsborough County, Florida, received life in prison on Monday, October 3, for kidnapping and raping his ex-wife Alisa Mathewson, formerly Alisa Summers. He had held her captive for two terrifying days during which he tortured and raped her. On all 11 counts, including kidnapping, attempted murder, and sexual assault, the jury found Summers guilty. In March 2017, Summers visited his estranged wife and five children at his residence in Valrico. Months prior to this, she had obtained a protective court order from him while she filed for divorce.


Trevor Steven Summers is 45 years old.

Husband is Jailed for Life

According to the Daily Mail, he called his teenage daughter to a window in the early morning darkness and convinced her to help him through. Then he walked into Alisa Mathewson’s bedroom. He tied her up with string and Christmas lights. Alisa described during her trial how Summers held her captive, raped her, and then put a pillow over her face until she passed out on her. Later, she forced her into her truck and drove through rural Hillsborough and Manatee counties for a full day. She reportedly wanted to find a marina so she could rent a boat to take them both out to sea. A man saw Alisa Mathewson get out of the truck while she was still tied up, run to the side of the road, and then be caught by Summers and put back in the truck during a stop at a Walgreens store.


He also cut her wrist and then tried to strangle her. He also wrote a note that can be perceived as a suicide letter, in which she assured her children that they would be “watching from heaven.” Summers reportedly slashed her throat when sheriff’s deputies discovered them but failed to kill herself. His former mother-in-law, Donna Waryga, described Summers and his behavior in court on Monday, Oct. 3, using terms like “charismatic,” “narcissistic,” “controlling” and “liar.” She described him as someone who traveled the country looking for ways to get rich. She claimed that she frequently got into trouble, but she was able to escape punishment.


Waryga said: “For years, Mr. Summers found himself in one situation after another. And it was never, never his fault. She referenced his involvement in a federal investment fraud investigation for which he is currently awaiting punishment in Philadelphia. She stated that his family has always thought of him as someone dangerous. The judge also heard three of his children. His daughter, now 20, also spoke about his regret for bringing him into her home when she was a child.

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According to Law and Crime, the verdict came a month after a trial in which Alisa testified and Summers unexpectedly ditched the court-appointed attorney. He continued to represent himself throughout the trial, which allowed him to question her and her children. Hillsborough Circuit Judge Christopher Sabella told Trevor Summers that he did not care about Summers’ decision to represent himself. However, Sabella added, “I think the timing of his decision was born out of sheer evil, which is not surprising. Given the circumstances of this case, the testimony and evidence I have heard clearly make you a monster by every stretch of the imagination.”

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