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Walid Juffali Wiki – Walid Juffali  Bio

Walid Juffali or Al-Walid bin Ahmed bin Abdullah bin Ibrahim Al Juffali was the chairman of EA Juffali and Brothers, the largest private company in Saudi Arabia, taking over after the death of his father Ahmed bin Abdullah Al Juffali, Sheikh Al-Walid. he was also chairman of his own personal company “W Investments”, a private investment company operating mainly in Zurich.

He was also chairman of Saudi American Bank, The Saudi Cement Company, and served on the boards of numerous powerful companies, including Saudi Hollandi Bank and many others.

Sheikh Al-Walid was also ordered to pay a large jewelry collection to his ex-wife Christina Estrada after a $95 million divorce settlement in 2014, less than his $8 billion lawsuit, which turned out to be the largest settlement. great in English legal history.

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates: ‘Dubai Bling’ reality show star Loujain Adada, who married billionaire Arab businessman Walid Ahmed Juffali from November 2012 until his death in July 2016, was called a ‘gold digger’ for marrying a man who was 36 years older than her. she was.

According to My Imperfect Life, the businessman was 57 years old while Adada was 21 when they got married. The Lebanese model and TV presenter, who is now 33 years old, opened up about her previous marriage and her lavish wedding in the first episode of ‘Dubai Bling’ Season 1, which premiered on Netflix on Thursday, May 27. October.


Walid Juffali died at the age of 61 years old.

Personal Life

Juffali’s first wife was fellow Saudi Basma Al-Sulaiman, who received £40 million in a divorce settlement in 2000. They married in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 1980, where they lived in a marble palace. They had three children, a son, and two daughters. (Dina, Hala and Mohammed). [citation needed] Mohammed died on May 16, 2008, due to a myocardial infarction.

In 2001, Juffali married Christina Estrada, a former American model for the Pirelli Calendar, but they divorced in 2014. Estrada filed for divorce in 2012, after Juffali married Loujain Adada (Saudi law allows up to four wives). ), and has brought a lawsuit against Juffali over at least three of his UK properties, including a seven-bedroom house in Knightsbridge, London, in a converted church, valued in total at around £60m. Juffali and Estrada have a daughter (Sirina).

Juffali also owned Bishopsgate House in Egham, Surrey, which he acquired from his parents around 2001. There were “three butlers, six gardeners, five maids, two laundresses, two chauffeurs, two personal attendants, two nannies and a house manager.” estates on staff”. Juffali’s art collection, estimated at £4m, will be auctioned at Bishopsgate House by Bonham’s on March 26, 2018.

In November 2012, Juffali married 25-year-old Lebanese model and TV presenter Loujain Adada in Venice.

Loujain Adada was Called a Gold Digger’ for Marrying a Billionaire

Their wedding was reportedly nothing short of a fairy tale, where she described feeling like “a princess.” Her co-star Zeina Khoury said, “They had a wedding that remained the talk of the town for a long time afterward. Their wedding cost over $10 million. She was wearing a necklace worth over $2 million. She even wore a Karl Lagerfeld dress. that was worth more than $200,000. They were all flown to their wedding in Venice on private planes.”

On the age difference, Adada said, “A lot of people criticized me because the age difference between us was almost 30 years. But love has no age.” During one episode, cast member Ebraheem Al Samadi’s mother called Adada a gold digger after her son told her that he had dated her.

Meanwhile, her husband’s fortune at the time of her death was estimated at £8 million (~$9.29 million). Most of Adada’s net worth comes from her late husband’s estate inheritance, which was also divided between his two ex-wives and her children. Adada’s current net worth is valued at $4 million, according to My Imperfect Life.

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Her husband, Juffali, was chairman of E. A Juffali and Brothers, the largest private company in Saudi Arabia, and was also chairman of W Investments, a private investment company in Zurich.

Speaking to Cercle in 2019 about losing her husband, Adada said: “The only cure for grief is grief. Everyone has their own way of grieving. It’s not a sign of weakness, it’s an emotional, physical, and spiritual need.” “. , the price you pay for love. The loss of Walid, my late husband, and father of my two young daughters, was very difficult and challenging for me. You never know how strong they are until being strong is their only option.”

He continued: “To this day we talk about him, miss him and pray for him. Walid was an inspiring man with a big heart and a great love for life. One of his favorite sayings was: ‘Life is not about waiting. For the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.

Cause of Death

On July 20, 2016, Al-Walid died in Zurich, Switzerland, after a long period of cancer. His estate is held by his brother Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed Al Juffali as heir apparent as well as legal guardian of his five daughters.

Adada said: “Sadly, she passed away from cancer. And it happened just a month after I gave birth to my second daughter.” According to My Imperfect Life, the couple had two daughters, Talia, 7, and Lana, 6.

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