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Whitney Mills, Church of Scientology guidelines may have pushed a Florida woman to take her own life, According to reports. Whitney Mills, a prominent member of the Clearwater Church, shot herself because she thought she might “transfer into a new body” due to her serious health problems.

In addition to having a lump on one of her ovaries, which she refused to remove, Mills, 40, was diagnosed with Lyme disease, according to The Underground Bunker. People close to Mills suggested that she, rather than having a specific illness, “was really depressed”. Her friends asked for a welfare check the day she died after she stopped responding to calls and texts on her cell phone. Mills committed suicide on May 12, ultimately dying at Morton Plant hospital a day and a half later, according to the Clearwater Police Department’s investigation. She was found unconscious from a self-inflicted gunshot wound after her brother barged into her apartment. She also smelled of burnt hair, which suggested that she had set herself on fire before shooting herself.


Whitney Mills is 40 years old.

Scientology’s OT 8 Member Burned Herself

According to the Daily Mail, no unusual circumstances were revealed during the police investigation into Mills’ death, although a text message he sent to Albertina Mejías, another senior member of the Church, contained “advice” on what he should do. then. She sent a text in reference to what she thought was the onset of Lyme disease. “I wish it wasn’t in my brain. It’s so annoying that I have it so bad, and so bad mentally. The d of p wants me to go for an interview,” Mills said, according to text messages obtained by the Daily Mail. D of P is referring to the Director of Prosecutions. According to Mills, Mejias allegedly informed him that “‘there is a help someone who is really sick and drop the body. I asked for that help.”

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A type of spiritual counseling or treatment known as assisting is intended to help a person overcome obstacles or injuries related to the body or mind. It is based on the idea that spiritual advice and spiritual guidance can speed up the healing process and that the human mind and spirit were capable of repairing the body. Mills might have thought that he could start over in another body, or as the Church says, “abandon” his physical form. In Scientology, the term “dropping the body” refers to the abandonment of the physical body through death. Mills was a qualified level eight operational thetan, or OT 8, which she received in 2019 on the Scientology Freewinds cruise. She was also depressed and was being cared for by several different people.

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