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Yaseem Jenkins and a child who was the victim of a 2019 shooting incident in Philadelphia died on Tuesday, police said.

Yaseem Jenkins had previously been shot four times in the head, chest and lower body when her father used her as a “human shield”, Fox 29 from Philadelphia reported.

Age of Yaseem Jenkins

Yaseem Jenkins died at the age of 3-years-old.

Cause of Death

Although an autopsy has yet to be conducted to determine the cause of death of Yaseem’s body, Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner said at a news conference that his office believes the boy passed away from injuries sustained in the previous shooting, KYW-TV reported.

According to the report, Krasner said, “We are awaiting a medical examination report on the cause of death, but we have reason to believe the cause of death was his original injury.” Said.

According to the report, in October 2019, when Ortiz accused Monroe of using counterfeit money, Yaseem’s father, Nafes Monroe, and suspect Francisco Ortiz were believed to be involved in a drug sale.

Police said Ortiz then fired several shots at Monroe, shooting Yaseem. Monroe was later accused of using her son as a “human shield” during the incident, FOX 29 reported.

Law enforcement investigators determined that Monroe brought her son to the stock market to avoid getting shot for knowingly using fake bills, WPVI-TV reported.

“He was using counterfeit money to buy drugs, he knew counterfeit money was something that made drug dealers very upset, and when they found out they were burned with counterfeit money they were violent. And this was not the first instance. Mr. Monroe’s use of counterfeit money,” Anthony Voci, of the district attorney’s office, told the report. according to in 2019.

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When making such purchases in the belief or belief that they will not shoot if they see a child in the car. He is,” Voci added at the time, according to the report. “A human shield is the term I would probably use.”


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